iMicro® Mountain Sound Absorber System
iMicro® Mountain Sound Absorber System

Backing thickness: 1 mm

Modulus length: 1200 mm, 1500 mm, 1800 mm

Technical Data
iMicro® Mountain Sound Absorber System(Revit Version).zip
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iMicro® Mountain Sound Absorber System(SU Version).zip
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iMicro® Mountain Sound Absorber System(3D max Version).zip
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iMicro® Mountain Sound Absorber System(CAD Version).zip
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iMicro® Mountain Sound Absorber System Parameters.doc
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Sound absorber design principle

Compared with the absorbing material on the indoor surface, the absorbing material has higher absorbing efficiency under the same projection area. This is because the space absorber has a larger effective absorbing area (including the upper top surface, lower bottom surface and side surface of the space absorber); in addition, the sound wave is absorbed many times due to the multiple reflections between the upper top surface of the absorber and the top surface of the building, which increases the sound absorption and improves the sound absorption efficiency. Generally, the improvement of sound absorption efficiency in medium and high frequency bands is the most significant. Noise reduction is usually 5-8 decibels after spatial sound absorbers are installed, and can reach 10-12 decibels at the highest.

When designing space absorbers, designers should create as much sound absorbing area as possible than visual perception, so that neither space height is wasted nor building surface area is occupied, and they can be regarded as "architecture articles in the air" or "detachable acoustic components".


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