iCeiling® ZF60100 Baffle System
iCeiling® ZF60100 Baffle System

Thickness: 1.5mm,

Face width: 60mm Height: 100mm

Length: ≤6500mm

Auxiliary material: C-type special auxiliary keel

Technical Data
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倍丽得®ZF60100方通系统(3D max版本).rar
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Metal material is taken as the base material, the surface is coated with composite high-quality decorative film. This product overcomes the shortcomings of indoor decorative materials like single color, cold tune and others. It has novel modeling, varied styles, rich texture, and reasonable structure. In the replacement of other wood decorative materials, it has unique advantages.


A closed interior ceiling system, the product can be used horizontally and vertically, with a strong sense of lines and good firmness. It can create a warm feeling of wood with a variety of beautiful wood veneer films, suitable for the affectionate decoration of most public areas. The special keel ensures the flatness of the board surface.

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