iCeiling®ZF4050 Buffle System
iCeiling®ZF4050 Buffle System


Top width:40mm  Height:50mm 


Technical Data
iCeiling®ZF4050 Buffle System(Revit Version).rar
6.70 Mb
iCeiling®ZF4050 Buffle System(SU Version).rar
0.17 Mb
iCeiling®ZF4050 Buffle System(3D max Version).rar
0.07 Mb
iCeiling®ZF4050 Buffle System(CAD Version).rar
0.20 Mb
iCeiling®ZF4050 Buffle System Parameters.rar
0.12 Mb

Metal material is taken as the base material, the surface is coated with composite high-quality decorative film. This product overcomes the shortcomings of indoor decorative materials like single color, cold tune and others. It has novel modeling, varied styles, rich texture, and reasonable structure. In the replacement of other wood decorative materials, it has unique advantages.


iCeiling®ZF4050 Buffle Ceiling System

No installation keel needed, by indivually inserting to install, easy to install. Could be used as ceiling and wall cladding.

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