Formles® Elegant Door Wall System
Formles® Elegant Door Wall System

1、Formles® Part:                                               

Standard door thickness: 45 mm, (customizable 50 mm)

Standard door width: ≤ 900 mm (customizable 900-1000 mm)

Standard door height: ≤ 2100 mm (customizable 2100-2800 mm)


2、Wall Cladding Part:

Standard Thickness:4mm

Standard Width:1220mm

(1500mm width could be customized if the order quantity is more than 3000㎡)

Length:According to requirement

System accessories:Use inoc® coveni®accessories according to requirement


Technical Data
Formles® Elegant Door Wall System(Revit).zip
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Formles® Elegant Door Wall System(SU).zip
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Formles® Elegant Door Wall System(3D max).zip
0.18 Mb
Formles® Elegant Door Wall System(CAD).rar
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Formles® Elegant Door Wall System Parameter.doc
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Coexist of walls

Wall, door and skirting line, perfect node and seamless fusion; uniform color, natural, perfect design inspiration.

The door leaf adopts LVL forward anti-deformation solid frame, filled with high-efficiency soundproof dynamic plate. The surface uses environmental protection moisture-proof medium density plate and composite environmental protection decoration film for color matching; the door frame uses the same color covering film treatment.

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Elegant Door Wall System

50 mm wide wood door frames are perfectly superimposed on inoc®, with traditional lines outlining the most primitive woodworking process. There were some ups and downs along the flat wall.

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