inoc®LeJoint®Air-Tight Installation System
inoc®LeJoint®Air-Tight Installation System

Standard thickness: 5 mm

Standard width: 1220 mm, (customizable width: 1500 mm with minimum capacity of more than 3000 m2)

Length: customized according to actual requirements

System accessories: X322 middle keel, X277 extract keel, X283 positive angle keel, X284 negative angle keel

Technical Data
inoc®LeJoint®Air-Tight Installation System(Revit Version).zip
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inoc®LeJoint®Air-Tight Installation System(SU Version).zip
14.86 Mb
inoc®LeJoint®Air-Tight Installation System(3D max Version) .zip
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inoc®LeJoint®Air-Tight Installation System(CAD Version).zip
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inoc®LeJoint®Air-Tight Installation System Parameters.doc
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An interior decoration plate formed by hot pressing with 4 mm aluminum composite plate and high quality decoration film, which can be conveniently installed with special profiles; the product has the characteristics of fire prevention, moisture protection, durability, environmental protection and antibacterial. It is a new decorative material replacing traditional materials such as wood and stone, and has strong competitive advantages in the field of internal and external decoration, such as Grade 5A office buildings, hospitals, hotels, venues, and transportation hubs, which widely use wood decoration.


inoc®LeJoint®Air-Tight t Installation System

Combined using the inoc assembly of the factory's finished products by a special keel component, small variations achieves large spaces. Compared with the Covini® 2.0 installation system, the thickness of the finish surface is reduced, and the installation space is saved by 60%; the factory precision processing of this product improves the hygiene and noise environment of the construction site, and improves the installation accuracy with more than 5% reduction in installation loss; it has high-efficiency installation, and fast progress, the installation efficiency is increased by 50%, and the installation cost is reduced by 40%.


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