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Acoustic Project Showcase: The Good Classroom with 1s Reverbation time


Jiangyin Renmin East Road Elemental School, located on the east side of Guoyuan Road, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province, is the third "integrated" campus of Jiangyin Chengzhong Education Group. The school was successfully completed and put into use in August 2022, covering an area of 60.68 acres and a total construction area of 33,639 square meters.


The classroom ceiling uses the iMicro® 200 Peak Ridge sound absorbing system & iMicro® 500 Mountain sound absorbing system. i sound® acoustics uses economical, simple and intelligent design to help improve learning outcomes.


The design team analyzed the common noise sources in schools (human voices and sound reinforcement equipment) based on professional frequency bands, and used metal sound-absorbing materials with industrial-grade ultra-micropore technology with a diameter of <0.2mm, so that the sound absorption coefficient of a single product can reach up to 0.7 or above, effectively improving the problem of generally high high-frequency reverberation in educational spaces and improving language clarity.


At the same time, regarding to the classroom environment, we have conducted exploratory research on various sound-absorbing materials in the current price range, and finally formed high-quality sound-absorbing products with high sound absorption efficiency and no need to add any fiber-based auxiliary sound-absorbing materials. They are more suitable for the education industry: healthy, 0 formaldehyde, fireproof and moisture-proof.


Also, The launch of each product must be based on preliminary tests on acoustic performance. Under the premise of meeting the different shapes of the products, industrial-grade structural optimization is carried out to ensure that the product has a wider frequency and more stable sound absorption performance while meeting the shape. The installation is simple and convenient. The product can be quickly installed as an acoustic device in a modular hanging manner, saving time and labor, and improving the construction efficiency of new or renovated classrooms.


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